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Full Dye Custom Sublimated Baseball Jerseys | Made In USA

Get ready with EVO9X for this baseball season to give the performance of your life. We present you with the highest quality locally made custom baseball jerseys in the USA for extremely reasonable prices. All of our uniforms are sublimated, made with the best quality fabrics, and can be fully customized. 

Step up to the plate in style with our high-quality jerseys. Designed for optimal performance and comfort, our jerseys are made from premium materials that allow maximum breathability and freedom of movement. We design jerseys like full button jersey sublimated, full button jersey tackle twill, 2 button jersey sublimated, 2 button jerseys tackle twill and crew neck jerseys. 

Baseball Full Button Jersey Sublimated

This blog will discuss our must-have baseball Jerseys made in USA for players and fans. Elevate your game with our custom jerseys. Our custom-designed jerseys are crafted with top-quality materials, ensuring both style and performance on the field. With attention to detail and a focus on player comfort, our jerseys provide a comfortable fit and freedom of movement during every play. 





Baseball Jerseys



Table Of Contents

Custom Sublimated Baseball Jerseys

  1. Crew Neck/V Neck Baseball Jerseys
  2. 2 Button Baseball Jerseys 
  3. Full Button Baseball Jerseys
  4. Semi-Sublimated Baseball Jerseys
  5. Compression Jerseys 

Design and Customization



Custom Sublimated Baseball Jerseys

We have a crew neck, V-neck, two-buttoned, full-buttoned, full-dye sublimated, and semi-sub and compression jerseys. They are available in short, long, and cap sleeves. 

  • Crew Neck/V Neck Baseball Jerseys

Our crew neck and V-neck jerseys are available in multiple fabric choices. These include performance mock mesh, performance pique, and 4-way stretch eyelet mesh. All of these fabrics have moisture management properties, which regulate your body temperature and prevent skin rashes and bad body odor. These jerseys are lightweight and have a comfortable stretch. They are highly durable and require low maintenance. You can wash them in a machine, and their print will not crack or peel like it would with a screen-printed jersey. Their colors will also not fade. The best custom baseball jerseys are available for all user categories in short sleeves, long sleeves, cap sleeves, and sleeveless. 

  • 2 Button Baseball Jerseys 

Our 2 button jerseys are the go-to for many baseball and softball players. Our two-buttoned jerseys are made of performance mock mesh, performance pique, and 4-way stretch eyelet mesh. They are breathable, so they help regulate your body temperature. They are machine washable and durable. These youth baseball jerseys are available for youth and adults in short, long, cap, and sleeveless sleeves. 

  • Full Button Baseball Jerseys

These customized baseball jerseys are available with fabric choices of performance mock mesh, performance pique, and 4-way stretch eyelet mesh. These jerseys are breathable and have moisture-managing features. They are available for all user categories in short, long, and cap sleeves. These jerseys are durable and require minimum maintenance. They have low shrinkage properties and are machine washable. 

  • Semi-Sublimated Baseball Jerseys

Our semi-sub jerseys are made through a spot-sublimated printing process. They are lightweight and have moisture-management properties. Available in crew neck style, they come with short, long, and cap sleeves. They are durable and machine washable with low shrinkage. They are available for all user categories. 

  • Compression Jerseys 

We have also got compression jerseys to add to your uniform. These men’s baseball jerseys are specially designed to help you perform better. They increase blood flow to certain parts of your body to keep them cool through a higher rate of evaporation. This fabric also increases the oxygenated blood supply to these body parts (an increased supply of oxygenated blood results in better muscle performance). These areas include your shoulders, limbs and your back. Add our compression jersey to your uniform, and you will see how your performance increases. 

These custom sublimated baseball jerseys are available in short and long sleeves. They are made of 80% polyester and 20 % spandex, and the fabric type is comfort stretch. Like all our other women’s jerseys, they are highly durable and machine washable. They are available for all user categories. 

Design and Customization

As for the design and customization of custom youth baseball jerseys, we have a lot of ready-made designs you can choose and edit as you like. Even better about EVO9X is that we have in-house designers ready to help you get the design of your dreams. These designers are experts in their field and can make any design you can think of. To contact them, you can visit the website, call our number, or visit our Edison, New Jersey facility. 


EVO9X is based in New Jersey, USA. All our products are locally made. That is why you will not have to worry about the quality of our products. It is also why we have a fast turnaround rate of 2 weeks. However, if you want to spend less on the uniform without compromising the quality and customization, we can also make your uniform overseas. Our overseas production is equally great in quality but will take longer to reach you than our locally produced products. So if you want your uniforms with a quick turnaround, you should get our locally made ones, but if you are in no rush and are a little tight on budget, then you can go for our made overseas uniforms. Contact us for custom baseball jerseys near me and make a statement!

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  • How does EVO9X ensure the quality of sublimated baseball jerseys?

EVO9X is committed to delivering top-quality products. We employ state-of-the-art sublimation printing technology and use high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric to ensure that their jerseys meet or exceed industry standards. Additionally, each jersey undergoes a thorough quality control process before being shipped to customers.

  • What customization options are available for our baseball jerseys?

We offer various customization options, including team logos, player names, numbers, and design elements. You can choose from an extensive color palette to create a unique look for your team.

  • What is the turnaround time for custom jersey orders?

Turnaround times can vary based on order volume and complexity. We will provide an estimated delivery time of 7-10 business days when you place your order. Rush options may also be available for quicker delivery.

  • What care and maintenance are required for sublimated jerseys to ensure they last long?

Sublimated jerseys are durable, but following care instructions for longevity is essential. Generally, washing them in cold water, avoiding bleach, and air drying or using a low-heat setting in the dryer is recommended to preserve colors and fabric quality.

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