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Evo9x Combine Ink, Heat, and Pressure to Get Best Dye Sublimation Jerseys

The full-dye sublimation apparel is creating an interesting trend within sports community by providing an extensive variety of unique designs and catchy color schemes to satisfy customers who want high-quality products. Evo9x are among the top premium manufacturing brand in the USA for designing best dye sublimation jerseys in affordable packages.

There are some essential elements related to cutting, printing, and supplying apparel that most of the major custom sublimation manufacturing companies fail to deliver. At Evo9x you will be facilitated with the best services for getting top custom sublimated jerseys at cost-friendly prices for all sports teams in the USA.

Evo9x are taking orders related to football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and softball apparel that are not offered by their competitors or they have limited sports. Some features are the strength for Evo9x to deliver the best sublimation jerseys by using advanced tools and techniques combining with first-class ink, heat, and pressure machinery.

How Dye Sublimation Jerseys Printing Works?

Creating custom sublimated jerseys for bulk orders requires professional operators and first-class quality fabric to get the ideal design and patterns with no cracks or faded issues. The Best Dye Sublimation Jerseys are made with the use of best ink which will be infused with fabric through high-tech printing machines.

The ink coverts into liquid or gas state by becoming the part of fabric with large roller heat press machines that send the printed design to next phase. The digital printers allow the fresh design that was pasted on the fabric to transform into a striking jersey ready to wear by players or fans.

Evo9x Dye Sublimation Jerseys Best Features:

The key difference between Evo9x and other custom apparel manufacturers in the style of completing the sublimation printing process. Evo9x professional team uses a specific system of completing the sublimation printing of jerseys by following some great techniques and American products to complete the order with no traces of any faults or errors in the design.

The fabrics used for sublimation printing are worked on high-end polyester and spandex material for vivid colors and maintain crystal-clear designs visible on sports jerseys. Here is the full package solution by Evo9x to send the best dye sublimation sports apparel in the USA.

Evo9x Dye Sublimation Jerseys Complete Procedure:

There are four parts of the Evo9x Custom Sublimated Jerseys manufacturing method that is comprised of in-house printing machines and next-generation computers to assist several clients at once.

Step 1:

Fabric Selection:

Evo9x uses the best fabric that suits your jerseys for any sports game. These fabrics are imported within the USA and all products used in printing methods are American-made with pure quality and features.

Step 2:

Cutting and sewing:

This sublimation jersey maker company does not halt their work at choosing fabric, their main target is to cover all dimensions before completing the custom sublimated jerseys requirements. Evo9x has the best sewing machines for private labeling and tailoring your jerseys in affordable packages. The highly skilled sewing team works effectively to generate top best sportswear in beautiful designs of all shapes that fit perfectly in any customer.

Step 3:


After receiving the stitched fabric, the dye sublimation jerseys are made with the best devices and ink dye practice to make last changes before sending jerseys for packaging and delivery in the USA. Evo9x can paste any design or custom colored pattern with trendy NFL, NBA, and MLS team logos but if customers are asking for their local club insignias; then they are at the right place to fulfill their demand.

Step 4:


Evo9x covers each phase professionally and accurately just like delivering the package for a large order to any state of the USA. The best packaging and shipping process can be done from one platform if retailers want to spend less on delivering process. The order limitations are minimum and can be shipped to your doorstep in a maximum of 20 to 25 days.

Evo9x four-way stretched fabric with a pool of color palettes and superb sublimation jersey-making criteria make them the leading brand to contact for private sportswear manufacturing at cheap prices.

Connect with Evo9x for Purchasing best Dye Sublimation Jerseys in the USA:

To order dye sublimation jerseys simply visit the Evo9x site for buying smooth, dry-fit, and moist-wicking amazing designs available for all ages at

Evo9x brings long-lasting products to be used in any rough condition and our designs are never going to fade because we care about our clients in the best possible way.

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